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The most successful companies are the ones who are thinking outside of the box, who are thinking about how this industry is going to operate three to five years from now.  In the title and settlement industry we now have to interact constantly with our customers, particularly lending customers, as to how title agents can become part of their evolving processes in the months ahead. We want to help all of our family of agents to be proactive and ensure that success comes for them now and in the future.

We are pushing FNF forward as well, thanks to one of our great projects -- the launch of FNF UNPLUGGED, this National Agency podcast is aimed at educating and entertaining agents that is available wherever you get podcasts.  We are working with National Agency Executives and Industry Leaders to produce and plan each episode and you will likely hear some familiar voices on our podcasts. 

Chuck Cain, SVP National Agency,  is co-hosting the podcast with Linda Grahovec, SVP National Agency Director of Education & Marketing, as well as focusing on agency development and building relationships. We will keep your information crisp, concise and up-to-date. That’s the beauty of a podcast, we have the ability to do the podcast and have it out and available in 24 hours. It will never be stale.  We are excited to reach the broad audience of FNF agents around the United States doing the same and discuss their concerns, as well as make them feel more secure and knowledgeable about today’s environment while supporting their business. It’s absolutely the culture here at FNF to help our agents grow with the resources that we offer. 

As an added bonus, now that we are in Season 4 with over 90 podcasts, we have organized our podcasts into 12 different topic areas.  So even if you do not follow us every month on your favorite podcast network, you can pick a topic and immerse yourself in listening to just that area of interest.  Yes, we have moved from unstructured podcasts to utilizing this library of podcasts as structured learning opportunities for you, your business or to share with customers, clients or consumers!  Want more or have ideas on topics or guests with great stories, please reach out to agencymarketing@fnf.com.  Enjoy!


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For more information on these podcasts or suggestions as to future content, contact Charles.Cain@fnf.com or LindaGrahovec@fnf.com

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