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Fidelity National Financial has put together a comprehensive plan, agency guidelines and preferred vendor relationships for the implementation of the ALTA Best Practices. The Best Practices are a direct result of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau's concerns for the consumer, and we address each area with solutions and resources.


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1. Licensing

Licensing requirements differ from State to State. Each company needs to have a review and renew process in place for each area that work is performed and licenses documented.


2. Escrow Account Controls

Escrow Accounting is one of the most important areas to be consistently monitoring. Safeguarding of escrow funds, reconciling accounts properly and having the best personnel is critical.


3. Information & Data Privacy

Safeguarding consumer non-public information is an integral part of our business. How information is stored, transmitted, safeguarded and accessible must be continuously supervised and secured.


4. Settlement Policies & Procedures

The Real Estate Closing is the culmination of a complicated chain of events that needs to be seamless for the consumer, and to accomplish this, you need to keep the staff sharp in all areas of settlement.


5. Title Production

The Title Insurance Policy is the cornerstone product for the industry. How and when the policies are issued, reported and paid is an essential part of our businesses' legal obligation to the consumer.


6. Errors and Omissions & Fidelity Coverage

Professional Liability in the appropriate amounts for internal and external transactions provides assurances to our client and the consumer that their funds are safe and their title policy is valid.


7. Consumer Complaints

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any business. Monitoring customer concerns are the best means of improving processes and service levels throughout the title and closing community.


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The Best Practices Assessment Survey

Where are you and your agency with the Best Practices? Are all of your Best Practices documented in writing and available for your clients and customers to review? How can we help you with your Best Practices Portfolio? Take our Self-Assessment to find out if you are on the road to Best Practices compliance.

ALTA Best Practices Framework

Title Insurance & Settlement Company Best Practices

Fidelity National Financial (FNF), as part of our continued efforts to assist our agents in maintaining compliance in this expanding regulatory environment, participated in the creation of the ALTA Best Practices Framework. As such, FNF strongly recommends that all agents adhere to these Industry Best Practices. Several areas are also part of FNF's Agent Audit Review.  Check out the latest Version 3.0 published January, 2020.

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