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Who to contact if an agent believes they have been compromised?  

FBI Local Field Office Locations: www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field.

There are three practices we would recommend all agents follow to protect against business email compromise:

  • Only use email that provides two factor authentication and make sure it is enabled.
  • Never wire funds based upon the content of an email.  Always assume email has been hacked and validate all information over the phone.
  • If you suspect a wire or check was sent fraudulently, contact the bank immediately.  Do not hesitate to respond.
  • It is recommended to never allow wire instructions via email . . . phone only and CONFIRM even by phone.

Cybersecurity education is critical at work and at home. Below are materials for agents on specific topics and to assess their own cybersecurity practices. There also are materials directed toward consumers that can be used by agents to teach good cybersecurity practices or to share in their own markets.


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