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AgentTRAX Online Application Spotlight

Imagine a simpler way to handle Closing Protection Letters, policy jackets and other transactional functions. AgentTRAX is your one-stop shop for creating, tracking, and reporting on your CPLs, jackets and more. And if that wasn't enough, our many closing software integrations allow you to do all of this without leaving your closing software....keeping you on track and on time.

  • Back Title

    Allows the user to perform a search of the Starter Repository in TitlePoint.
  • TitleWave

    This integration allows the user to order, track and receive title search products from the TitleWave application.
  • Patriot Search

    This application allows a search of the Office of Foreign Asset Control(OFAC) database.
  • Rate Quote

    Navigates the user to the FNF National Rate Calculator (ratecalculator.fnf.com).
  • High Liability Approvals

    This application allows for online requests for transactions an agent wants to insure above their contractual limit.
  • letterTRAX (Letters)

    – The letterTRAX application provides functionality to allow agents to generate Closing Protection letters, Agent Authorization letters (NY) and Letters of Good Standing.
  • jacketTRAX (Jackets)

    The jacketTRAX application provides functionality to allow agents to generate policy and commitment jackets.
  • Policy Upload (Upload Policy Document)

    Provides the ability to submit a copy of the final title policy and issued endorsements.
  • FinCen

    The FinCen application provides the ability to submit your completed filings for transactions that require reporting to the Financial Crimes Division.
  • Claims Request for File (Notice of Claims)

    This application allows internal FNF Claims personnel to send a Notice of Claim or Request for file copies to internal FNF Personnel or directly to our agents.
  • E-Pay

    The E-Pay application allows for payment of agent remittance using three methods: a) ACH b) Wire or c) Pay by Check.

  • Helpful Links

    Provides links to non FNF websites that are useful to the agent users.
  • Manage Account (Apply Credits)

    Allows for unallocated payments or file credits to be properly applied to files.
  • Payment History

    Provides our users with a complete history of payments made via the E-Pay application and allocations made via Manage account.
  • Policy Corrections

    – This application available on the website allows for online submission and processing of policy corrections.
  • Policy Upload (Upload Policy Document)

    Provides the ability to submit a copy of the final title policy and issued endorsements.
  • reportTRAX (Reports)

    Allows agents to run reports should they desire metrics or details on the transactions they are writing for any of our brands.
  • Statements

    – This application allows for users to drill down into the details of a file balance, view/open in pdf or excel or initiate a policy correction.
  • EscrowTRAX (Reconciliations)

    – This application allows you to submit for monthly reconciliations online for review.
  • TitlePay Plus

    This integration allows users to view their A/R balance for search invoices and add those invoices to the cart to pay via the TPP application.
  • Agent OnBoarding

    FNF’s electronic solution for streamlining the new agent application process.

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