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Creating Leadership, through Education, Advancement and Development

In our fast-paced, ever changing industry, the key to shining above the rest is knowledge. Education and training are essential to recruiting and re-training key talent. We are committed to helping you by making sure you have the educations tools ready when you need them.

The FNF LEAD program is a breakthrough virtual online education center exclusively for FNF agents. LEAD offers access to ongoing courses and events with several areas of study to keep abreast on the ever-changing industry. Agencies can grow individually and professionally with LEAD through individual courses and webcasts, as well as, curated curriculums.

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Start Your Employees Off On A New Title Journey With FNF

The FNF Family of Companies is excited to give our agents the latest exclusive perk – access to a new and engaging training series called the Title Journey! We’ve compiled 12 instructional on-demand videos taught by FNF underwriting staff from across the country covering common aspects of title in residential real estate transactions. From order to final policy production, our experts take you through each step including hands-on training! We’re not just explaining what title is, we’re providing the why and showing how we get to policy production, too.
Current FNF agents who want to use the Title Journey should contact their local FNF brand representative or email FNFeducation@fnf.com for more information on how their office can start the Title Journey today!

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A Title Journey Quick Trip


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A Title Journey Guided Tour


Agent Solutions

Got problems? FNF LEAD has the solutions.

What problems does LEAD solve for Agents?

  • Don’t have the financial resources to create, build & maintain an educational platform for your employee’s continued training and development? 
  • Can’t keep up with the latest trends or regulatory changes? 
  • Need an online solution for education to either supplement face-to-face training or to go virtual for your training?
  • Are you (or is your company) looking for ways to maintain excellent employees or - develop leadership? Develop or cross-train your staff? 
  • Develop and maintain educational best practices? Have you thought about incorporating or employing a separate training department or third party platform? 
  • Would the ability to customize a training program for your company and individual departments assist your company growth? 
  • What if this education is trackable to showcase your commitment to education and training to your REALTOR® and lender customers?

What problems does the LEAD website solve for Agents?

  • Would you like to create a program that will differentiate you from your competitors in the marketplace? 
  • Are you looking to create a training system for new employees’, company veterans, and sales people that would foster a sense of loyalty to your company? Are you looking to create a employee or company professional development or personal development programs? 
  • Are you wanting to track your company training hours, training completion or monitor advancement requirement progress whether for Industry Best Practices compliance or company goals?
  • Would educational performance goals enhance your company’s marketability in the industry?
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Features & Benefits

There's more than meets the eye with LEAD. Here's what you can expect





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Ready to take your employee development to the next level or just want some additional information on the FNF LEAD,  email FNFeducation@fnf.com.