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We are with you for what's next

Thank you to all of our agents for continuing to conduct essential business, for helping people to have a home, and for keeping the economy going for all of us.

As we navigate through these challenging times, and ask ourselves "what's next ?" we are reminded of how fortunate Chicago Title and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company is to be part of this strong real estate community of our agents that support each other to accomplish great things. It is the power of this community that will move us through this to brighter days.

Please view the message above from our State Manager, Thomas Flynn,  and a video we created in appreciation of YOU.


Ace Your Audit!

Join us for a Q&A with our own Senior Audit Director, Mary Allmer moderated by Nancy Brady. Mary provides guidance on best practices for your real estate trust accounts, what our audit department is looking for during an audit and how to avoid common mistakes.

Wire Fraud and Cybersecurity 2020.

What's new during the COVID-19 pandemic?

COVID-19 and the global pandemic has changed the game in the Wire and Cyber security space – it’s not just the same old story. 

Find out:

  • How criminals are exploiting the new environment
  • What criminals are targeting
  • Tips to prevent wire fraud
  • What to do if the worst happens

Join us for a timely update on what you need to know.

 Market Your Law Firm Like Beer: 7 Proven Ways to Market Your Law Firm

Please join CEO and Founder, Dean Collura of TitleTap and Moderated by Lynne Murphy Breen. Dean will open up the curtains on the best ways he’s been able to market the title companies and real estate law firms he works with.

You'll learn:

  • How to make your website more "findable" in Google with just a few tweaks
  • The best darn social media post a title agent or closing attorney can do. Period.
  • How to attract Realtors and "in-the-market" Homebuyers like a magnet
  • The importance of top of mind marketing in title insurance
  • How "Video Killed the Radio Star" (for you 1980s fans) and much more!

If you are serious about improving your Law Firm marketing, you won't want to miss this! Consider it the "best of" in digital marketing advice from years of our trial and error working in the industry...


What’s Next Academy: AgentTRAX Demo

AgentTRAX is our website that creates your Jackets and CPLs. Gil Kairu, our agency tech specialist, will demonstrate the ins and outs of creating jackets and CPLs on our AgentTRAX website, and other useful features, which may not be available through your closing software integration. He will be joined by some members of our sales team.

If you are new to AgentTRAX, want tips on navigating the new dashboard or would like a refresher, this is for you!



2020 - The Office Reimagined: The Importance of Technology in the Remote Workplace

Accessibility, productivity, and security are the keys to maintaining a safe and successful office. Join our own Rick Diamond, Vice President of Agency Technology, as he discusses: 

  • The latest technology for mobile client communication
  • Cybersecurity: How to secure data when working outside the office
  • How to maintain security when employees work remotely
  • How to avoid the latest scams and risks
  • Tips for a successful remote workplace 



PPP Flexibility Plan and Massachusetts Reopening Update

Hosted on June 12, 2020

If you have lingering questions about the PPP Loan Program, which is still available and was recently extended and updated, be sure to join us for this recorded What’s Next Webinar Series!

Our friends at Rich May, P.C. have allowed us to share their June 12th webinar, entitled Changes to the PPP Loan Program, with you. Questions addressed include “How will the new law affect my existing loan?” and “What effect will the law have on businesses still applying for loans?” They will also discuss the process of reopening Massachusetts businesses under Governor Baker’s reopening plan. To review all of the latest COVID-19 legal developments, visit their website.



WEBINAR - Underwriting Flexibility and Practice Tips during COVID-19

Hosted on June 9th, 2020

On April 8, 2020, our underwriting department sent out a memo addressing some of the FAQs we were receiving in response to the State of Emergency due to COVID-19. Two months later, we are still under similar conditions and the reopening in phases creates more uncertainty.  

Please join us in this discussion on the FAQs with Agency Attorneys Sara Supple and Kristi Kaufman, hosted by Agency Representative Deb Martino. We welcome additional questions by e-mailing and we will respond to you directly or address the question in a subsequent webinar.



Powerpoint Slides   - April 8, 2020 Memorandum


Tips for Engaging Your Customers

Looking for ways to cultivate relationships with your clients while maintaining safe social distancing?

Please join us as we welcome Ashley Allgyer, the Northeast Regional Marketing Director for our FNF Family of Companies, to our “What’s Next” webinar series. Ashley shares tips on engaging with your clients during the pandemic and navigating virtual marketing. For this installment, she focuses on how to communicate best with clients using social media, email and websites. This Q&A format is hosted by Agency Representative, Deb Martino and Agency Underwriting Counsel, Kristi Kaufman.



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