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The most successful companies are the ones who are thinking outside of the box, who are thinking about how this industry is going to operate three to five years from now. In the title and settlement industry we now have to interact constantly with our customers, particularly lending customers, as to how title agents can become part of their evolving processes in the months ahead. We want to help all of our family of agents to be proactive and ensure that success comes for them now and in the future.

We are pushing FNF forward as well, thanks to one of our new newer projects -- the launch of FNF UNPLUGGED, the new National Agency podcast aimed at educating and entertaining agents industry and non-industry audiences that is now available wherever you get podcasts. We are working with National Agency FNF leaders to produce curate and plan each episode and you will likely hear some familiar voices on our podcasts. We are currently in Season 3 and have over 20,000 plays, with listeners throughout the globe.

Chuck Cain and Linda Grahovec, SVP’s National Agency, will be are producing the podcast as well as focusing on agency development and building relationships. We will keep you’re the information crisp, concise and up-to-date. That’s the beauty of a podcast, we have the ability to do the podcast and have it out and available in 24 hours. It will never be stale. We are excited to reach the broad audience of FNF agents around the United States doing the same work and discuss their concerns, as well as make them feel more secure and knowledgeable about today’s environment while supporting their business. It’s absolutely the culture here at FNF to help our title and escrow agents grow as well as educating the consumer about our industry and their real estate transactions.

Who's That RON Guy You Keep Talking About?

Season 3
Episode 55

RON is still a mystery to some, offering a bag of time-saving technology to improve the title & settlement industry. Others argue that RON isn't safe and will replace experienced staff providing good old fashioned customer service.

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Digital Payments

Season 3
Episode 52

As the real estate profession continues to evolve, adopting digital solutions to save time and improve customer service, the transfer of secure funds remains critical.

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The Future is RON

Season 3
Episode 51

In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes two of the leading experts in the industry. Stavvy CEO Kosta Ligris and CSO Shane Hartzler join us to talk about the past, present and future of RON.

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