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We know that the idea of offering digital closing on any scale may feel daunting at first. That’s one of the reasons the Fidelity National Financial Agency Operations launched our Digital Closing Hub. The mission? To provide you with the information and resources you need to succeed, no matter how you plan on using the digital age to the advantage of your customers.

That’s why we’re stepping outside of the title world with this blog post and pointing you toward a story about digital transformations. This recent Harvard Business Review piece, ominously headlined, “Don’t Put a Digital Expert in Charge of Your Digital Transformation,” was full of great advice on implementing a digital strategy for any part of business.       

The HBR article starts by asking who of three “people” you’d put in charge of your company’s digital transformation. Two of the three options have a digital background, while another is a company insider who has been successful in other non-digital avenues. The rest of the piece lays out the case for why that third person (named William) could actually be the best candidate for the job.  

Why was this conclusion reached?

    • The “digital transformation is often less about a radical rethinking of the business than about learning how to use digital tools to better serve customers.”
    • A digital revolution is as much about organizational change as it is about digital change.  People in charge need to know – or at least be ready to hear about – the needs of team members and customers.
    • Current company leaders and employees understand how your business works and have the relationships to get things done. You can always bring a digital expert as part of the team, but that person doesn’t need to be leading the effort.

How can this idea apply to your title business? Think about your digital effort as part of your company, not an entirely new concept. Lots of the same things that work well in the “traditional” realm will translate to success in your digital effort. Finally, as long as your current staff buys into the concept, they should not be overlooked as part of your future digital plans.

Plus, you can lean on FNF to help you along that journey. Going digital, after all, should be an exciting prospect that makes the closing experience better for you and your customers. Learn more about digital closings in our FNF Agency Digital Closing Hub by clicking here.