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Errors and Ommissions & Fidelity Coverage


6. Errors and Ommissions & Fidelity Coverage

Maintain appropriate professional liability insurance and fidelity coverage.

Purpose: Appropriate levels of professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance help ensure title agencies and settlement companies maintain the financial capacity to stand behind their professional services. In addition, state law and title insurance underwriting agreements may require a company to maintain professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance, fidelity coverage or surety bonds.

What This Means From a Customer's Viewpoint

"If something goes wrong, you’ll have E&O and other insurance to protect me."

Riebling Insurance Agency – Fidelity PAK

Risk management services for the Fidelity Pak.

Commercial insurance policies come with numerous benefits and strategic add-on’s to satisfy the individual needs of the insured. The experienced and knowledgeable experts at Riebling Insurance Agency will work with you to provide coverage’s you need at the lowest premiums available in the current insurance marketplace. The best insurance value comes from matching the needs of the client with an affordable rate.

Partnering with Riebling Insurance gives you protection beyond insurance policies. Five years ago, no one would be thinking about a need to insure their routine business transactions such as capital held in escrow. Today, cyber criminals have learned how to steal these funds, and often these hackers are from other countries, making them hard to catch and prosecute. Riebling Insurance started protecting their clients from this type of financial loss, and many others, by keeping at the forefront of the changing business environment and finding ways to further protect their clients. The Riebling Fidelity-Pak is exclusive to FNF Agents.

For more information please contact Daniel Riebling at driebling@riallc.com


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