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Technology Update and Digital Closings

The Long & Winding Road to Digital Adoption with Stavvy's Tim Anderson

In this timely download, FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes Stavvy's EVP Digital Strategy Tim Anderson to cover not only the "what", but the more important "why" of digital adoption, and offer solutions for real estate professionals.
Guest: Tim Anderson


camelia martin2

The Evolution of Digital Closings: Snapdocs Camelia Martin on the Past, Present & Future

The pandemic is thankfully behind us, and one of the positive outcomes was the forced push into e-notes, digital closings and a more flexible, streamlined process for the real estate industry. 
Guest: Camelia Martin

toni carroll2

ALTA ONE: Takeaways from San Diego Include RON, and We're Not Talking About Mr. Burgundy

In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes digital advocate Toni Carroll who explains why RON is here to stay, and why you should embrace it.
Guest: Toni Carroll

nicole booth2

Who's That RON Guy You Keep Talking About? The Inside Scoop from Someone Who Knows RON Well

RON is still a mystery to some, offering a bag of time-saving technology to improve the title & settlement industry. Others argue that RON isn't safe and will replace experienced staff providing good old fashioned customer service.  
Guest: Nicole Booth


Digital Payments: FNF's Jason Nadeau Explores What Works, What Doesn't and Why

As the real estate profession continues to evolve, adopting digital solutions to save time and improve customer service, the transfer of secure funds remains critical. 
Guest: Jason Nadeau

kosta ligris2 paul martin2

The Future is RON: What the Real Estate Industry Needs to Know About Digital Closings

The pandemic forced all of us to do business differently. For some, that meant drive-through closings. But others took the leap of faith into the digital world and completed transactions via Remote Online Notary or RON. 
Guests: Kosta Ligris and Shane Hartzler

shane ryan2

Digital Pollution: How An Innocent Email May Ruin a Relationship Forever

In the midst of critical, time sensitive email communication that's vital to our strategic partners, consumers and closing transactions, we are bombarded by marketing emails and solicitations that interrupt our effectiveness each & every day. 
Guest: Shane Ryan

hoyt mann2

Artificial Intelligence: Don't Be Afraid To Download This Episode- The Robots Are Here To Help!

With staffing issues a chronic concern across the real estate industry, Hoyt shares the benefits of AI with FNF's Chuck Cain. 
Guest: Hoyt Mann

lisa tyler2

The Names in This Podcast Have Been Changed to Protect the Innocent

While cyber criminals are grabbing the headlines, old school thieves and still at work every day with real estate schemes, forgery, identity theft or stealing loan packages loaded with personal info. 
Guest: Lisa Tyler

elizabeth blosser2638343558577988265

Digital Closings: The Future is Now, and Here's What You Need to Know

The pandemic forced change and our industry adapted overnight. So are things going back to normal now? Nope... We may be heading back to the office, but that doesn't mean our clients will be joining us there. 
Guest: Elizabeth Blosser

brad stancel2

Technology Solutions to Transform Your Agency and Grow Your Business

The real estate industry quickly adapted to the challenges of COVID thanks to the entrepreneurial nature of our business, and the technology available. 
Guests: Brad Stancel and Ed Mcdonnell

kosta ligris2

The Future Is Now: Inside the Digital Transformation with Stavvy Co-Founder Kosta Ligris

COVID transformed how we conduct business, forcing immediate change that had been on the horizon for some time. The closing table is now virtual, and what was often an ordeal getting there has been streamlined by technology.
Guest: Kosta Ligris


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning the Future of the Industry and Fabio with FNF's Jason Nadeau

The pandemic forced change in the real estate industry. Thanks to technology and teamwork, the FNF Family and our partners quickly adapted and thrived in a changing environment. 
Guest: Jason Nadeau
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