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Risk Management and Security

ike suri2

FundingShield CEO Ike Suri Warns of Continuing Threats and Wire Fraud in the Year Ahead

The market may have downshifted, but the bad guys have ramped up their game. Over half of the real estate transactions in Q4 of 2022 had vulnerabilities which could lead to fraud. 
Guest: Ike Suri

peter reibling2

Agency Insight: Insuring Your Business Against the Constant Cyber Threat

Insurance is what we do. But how do we insure ourselves against a 24/7 threat that could put us out of business in a matter of seconds?
Guest: Peter Riebling

ethan powsner2638342945667356182

Reality Check: How Healthy is Your Business? Now Would Be a Good Time to Review Your Process

Now is the time for a check up, and FNF can help you. In this episode, Chuck Cain invites FNF's Vice President, Market & Technology Development Ethan Powsner to share how he and his team help agents improve their business.
Guest: Ethan Powsner

kevin nincehelser2

Is the Cloud Safer Than Your Server Closet? Why Your IT Security and Support Matter

In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain invites Premier One COO Kevin Nincehelser to share what independent title agents and our partners must consider when handling their data.
Guest: Kevin Nincehelser

james chou2

Cybersecurity Expert James Chou: What You Don't Know WILL Hurt You

Title agents are well aware of wire fraud, but the threats to our clients, partners and our agency go beyond the transaction closing. 
Guest: James Chou

CHUCK CAIN2638342756868159486

A Chat With Chuck: Prepare For More Regs and Tighter Security in a Post-COVID World

As we begin to emerge from a restricted, and record-setting run in real estate, new concerns arise. 
Guest: Chuck Cain

Krista Christensen2

How Something Invented in 1876 Can Foil Today's Sophisticated Fraudsters

Innocent and unsuspecting home buyers lose hundreds of millions of dollars each year to fraudsters who prey on their social media accounts, email and ultimately, steal their American dream. 
Guest: Krista Christensen
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