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Professional Development and Leadership

josh linkner2

Unlock Innovation and Drive Explosive Growth with Best-Selling Author Josh Linkner

In this episode, Josh motives and inspires with his keys to reinventing your business. 
Guest: Josh Linkner

eric biro2

Half the People in Our Industry Want a Career Change: How to Retain Your Best People

The shift back to an office environment creates friction for those employees who prefer working from home. This presents significant challenges for independent agents in retaining key people, or attracting new talent. 
Guest: Erik Biro

joan webb2

Joan Webb: A Trailblazer for Women in Real Estate and Home Building

She's considered the most influential woman in the hyper-competitive California home building market. 35 years ago Joan Webb answered the call from her best friend to leave her chosen career for the risks and rewards of the home building industry.
Guest: Joan Webb

leslie wyatt2

Women in the Workforce: Discussion & Ideas to Improve Our Industry

The pandemic produced a red hot housing market and record numbers, but it also took a toll on our workforce, particularly women. 
Guest: Leslie Wyatt

Elizabeth Mendenhall2

Leadership & Motivation from 6th Generation Real Estate Pro Elizabeth Mendenhall

As a 5-year-old, Elizabeth Mendenhall set up her own home office in her bedroom and was already preparing for a successful career in real estate. Nothing was handed to her. In fact, when she initially asked her dad for a job in the family real estate business he said "no".
Guest: Elizabeth Mendenhall


Women in Leadership, Where is Our Industry? FNF Executive Vice-President Erika Meinhardt

The overwhelming majority of title insurance professionals are women, yet few rise to the ranks of upper management. Why is this the case, and what can be done by both women title professionals and management to even the playing field?
Guest: Erika Meinhardt
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