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Lending and Mortgage Update

Skyrocketing Homeowners Insurance Premiums Threaten an Already Challenging Market

The Florida market is in the crosshairs, but why are places far removed from hurricanes and wildfires also being impacted by rate hikes? In this episode, FNF's Chuck Cain calls on industry expert Joseph Petrelli, President and Co-Founder of Demotech, for insight and answers. 
Guest: Joseph Petrelli


Insider Report with Dave Stevens - Part 2: Lower Rates Won't Solve the Biggest Issue in Real Estate

As the conversation continues between FNF's Chuck Cain and real estate and lending industry veteran Dave Stevens, the focus shifts from regulatory and compliance concerns to the bigger issues ahead. 
Guest: Dave Stevens

Insider Report with Dave Stevens - Part 1: The Fed's Fumble and Will Industry Dinosaurs Survive?

In the opening download of this riveting two-part conversation, FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes industry insider and veteran Dave Stevens for a candid take on the real estate industry. 
Guest: Dave Stevens

Mortgage Rates: Inside the Numbers with Expert Analysis from Black Knight's Andy Walden

The headlines are intended to grab us and get that click. But what's really going on in the bond markets?

Guest: Andy Walden

Compliance by Day... Heavy Metal at Night! Why Musicians Make Great Bankers

With the industry adjusting and teams seeking to grow or maintain by acquisition, there's a new pipeline of talent to explore.
Guest: Nathan Britsch

Inside Wells Fargo Home Mortgage with Kate Steineman

We know it's been a hectic, record-setting run for title agents across the country. But our lending partners have also been keeping the same frenetic pace. 
Guest: Kate Steineman

Brian Levy2638342802326330453

Mortgage Musings with Brian Levy: RESPA, CFPB, MSA's and the "New Normal"

Could things get any crazier? Of course they could- that's the business we're in! After the initial panic, an adverse market refinance fee was postponed until December 1st. 
Guest: Brian Levy
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