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Legal Update


FNF's Chuck Cain Warns of Additional Threats to the Real Estate Industry in the Year Ahead

At this point, we're all aware that the year ahead will be challenging in the real estate industry. 
Guest: Chuck Cain

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Checking in with Chuck: A New Director and a New Direction for the CFPB

Our industry is constantly changing, and with new leadership at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, expect even more scrutiny of the real estate sector
Guest: Chuck Cain

john levonick2

Canopy CEO John Levonick: The Career-Killing Risk Title Agents Face Each Day

There's no such thing as running an "independent" title agency these days. 
Guest: John Levonick

Steve OConnor

CONVERGENCE: Bringing Together All That's Needed for Housing Affordability

Affordable housing initiatives are important, and without communication, cooperation and strategic partnerships between ALL of the real estate players involved, it can often be difficult to achieve success. 
Guest: Steve O'Connor

shane hartzler2

Exclusive: Fannie Mae's Shane Hartzler Offers Insight on Post-COVID Guidelines

The real estate industry implemented sweeping changes overnight, quickly adapting to a COVID-19 world, and thriving in what was a record-breaking year for many. 
Guest: Shane Hartzler

Brian Levy2

Special Report on the CFPB's MSA Guidance: You Can Pay for Referrals As Long As...

Our late-breaking edition of FNF Unplugged is ready for download and discourse as the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau scraps the 2015 MSA Memo and issues new guidance.
Guest: Brian Levy

marx sterbcow2

FNF Exclusive: Marx Sterbcow on the Legal Case Threatening the Entire Real Estate Industry

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, is targeting a small Chicago-area mortgage lender, alleging it violated, among other things, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
Guest: Marx Sterbcow

chris morton2638342759722222164 steve gottheim2

The CFPB: Prepare for More Regulation and Review

With the convergence of a red hot real estate and a new  administration, it's only a matter of time before the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ramps up its enforcement activity again. 
Guests: Chris Morton & Steve Gottheim


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