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Check-in with Chuck: The Word on the Street as the Real Estate Industry Braces for Upheaval

Fall conferences are in the books and FNF's Chuck Cain has made the rounds, returning with the latest info from industry insiders. 
Guest: Chuck Cain


michelle korsmo2

Part 2: Michelle Korsmo Shares the Importance of a Value Proposition for Association Leadership

We continue our conversation with former ALTA CEO Michelle Korsmo
Guest: Michelle Korsmo



michelle korsmo2638342719937680148

Part 1: The Vital Role of Associations with National Restaurant Association CEO Michelle Korsmo

"Connections are critical in the real estate industry, and few professionals are as plugged in as Michelle Korsmo." 
Guest: Michelle Korsmo


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Industry Alert: ALTA Best Practices, Registry and New Forms Available for Your Agency

"This download is required listening: A 20 minute "check up from the neck up" for all independent title agents" 
Guests: Kelly Romeo, Paul Martin and Steve Gold

diane tomb2 paul martin2

Defining and Promoting Who We Are and What We Do

"How could an entire industry and thousands of talented professionals in it be anonymous players in a field deemed "essential" in the midst of a global pandemic. Answer: We're all doing our jobs really well!"
Guests: Diane Tomb and Rob Wineman

leann zinn2

Agent Update: Searching for Production Cost Savings?

"Shifting fixed costs to variable costs is vital for all title agents, and now is the time to re-evaluate every expenditure."
Guest: Leann Zinn


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ALTA: Leading Advocate for the Entire Real Estate Industry

"The Voice of the title industry, the American Land Title Association (ALTA) is also a leading advocate for real estate and lending professionals."
Guests: Elizabeth Blosser and Chris Morton

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One Big Family: ALTA CEO Diane Tomb Delivers an Industry Update

"As we begin to emerge from COVID-19, what lessons were learned?"
Guest: Diane Tomb


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