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Business Growth and Commercial RE

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Commercial Real Estate Update: An Unbiased Assessment of the Sectors and Markets Impacted

Location, location, location: The reason it's a cliche, is because it's true.
Guest: Jamie Woodwell


ethan powsner2play episode

Real Time Advice: FNF's Ethan Powsner on What Title Agents Must Do To Navigate the Current Market

Rising mortgage interest rates, a looming recession, and sagging consumer confidence are all the ingredients for an extremely challenging real estate market in the year ahead.
Guest: Ethan Powsner

jim paolino2play episode

Do You Know Your Numbers? If Not... How You Can Avoid Becoming a Statistic

Whether you're an industry veteran or a newbie, you need to know your numbers to survive.
Guest: Jim Paolino


James ODonnell2play episode

Positioning Your Business for Success as the Real Estate Industry Braces for Change

Rising mortgage interest rates grab headlines, but that's not the only thing real estate professionals are adjusting to. 
Guest: James O'Donnell


Howard Turk2play episode

For Sale: Exiting the Industry? Important Info for Agents Thinking About Selling

FNF's Chuck Cain welcomes title industry mergers & acquisitions expert Howard Turk who delivers his playbook for a successful sale.
Guest: Howard Turk

john williams2play episode

Growing and Expanding Your Business the RIGHT Way

Owning any business is challenging, and growing it while balancing day-to-day and month-to-month business and closings is a formidable task. What does it take to scale the operations you're already excellent at providing?
Guest: John Williams

justin ailes2play episode

The Pulse of Commercial Real Estate with Justin Ailes, CRE Finance Council

Few know the $4.4 trillion market, and the players involved, better than CRE Finance Council Managing Director Justin Ailes.
Guest: Justin Ailes
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