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Settlement Policies And Procedures


4. Settlement Policies & Procedures

Adopt standard real estate settlement procedures and policies that help ensure compliance with Federal and State Consumer Financial Laws as applicable to the Settlement process.

Purpose: Adopting appropriate policies and conducting ongoing employee training helps ensure the Company can meet state, federal, and contractual obligations governing the Settlement.

What This Means From a Customer's Viewpoint

"You will charge me the correct rate for services provided."

Our Resources For Compliance

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CSC eRecording

Get your documents recorded as soon as possible in order to reduce claims

As the nation's largest eRecording network, CSC can help you eliminate paper from the recording process and automate time-consuming workflows. CSC's eRecording solutions help agents record real estate documents electronically (often within minutes), track submitted documents, address rejected recordings quickly, verify recordation, and maintain electronic records.

With eRecording, digital documents are prepared using standardized XML data, with digital and digitized signatures and notaries embedded and electronic payment advices attached. Documents that originate on paper, such as loan closing documents, are scanned and placed into their proper recording order. When fully integrated, the electronic document recording process takes only seconds!

FNF National Agency Website

The National Agency Website is the portal to all the Agent Success Tools and provides access to our systems Applications. These systems, include two different Rate Calculators depending on the need. We offer a National Rate Calculator for our Agents, Attorneys and REALTOR® customers to estimate the potential settlement-related title costs for residential real estate transactions. For Lenders, we offer the Title & Settlement Rate Quote Calculator to aid in their completion of the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure. Both of these calculators are available on the Agents Success Tools page.


reQuire is an efficient, cost effective alternative to the old costly and stressful practice of lien release management.

reQuire brings over a decade of trusted direct relationships with lenders to make this process more efficient for your office.

Our web-based release tracking and reporting service can seamlessly integrate into your everyday workflow.

We have direct integrations with many of the title production providers you use today, making re-keying of information non-existent.


Get your documents recorded as soon as possible in order to reduce gap claims

Simplifile eRecording solutions save our customers time and money, and enable them in turn to provide superior services to their customers. In under an hour we can install and configure our browser-based application and explain how best to begin electronically filing and recording documents. It’s really that simple.

Our solutions replace less-efficient, less-secure, and more-expensive document recording services such as runner, courier, and express mail services. What’s more, we automate the processing, receipt, and payment of eRecording fees through electronic funds transfer or Automated Clearing House (ACH). And we deliver all of this through the industry’s most expansive and easy-to-use nationwide eRecording.


Want to create your own policies and procedures?

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