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We're launching our first ever national webinar series! We know you're busier than ever so we've designed a custom webinar series with you in mind:

  • Sign up for webinars each month or several at one time

  • Topics designed to specifically help your title company 

  • Learn on the go by joining the webinar from anywhere 

  • Get a copy of the webinar to share the best points with your team

Grow with FNF ON SCREEN as part of the FNF Academy offerings:

  • Whether you're growing your business or maintaining the customers you already have, education allows you to grow professionally. 

  • We've got topics ready for any position at any company to do more in 2023. 

  • Sign up anyone from your company and get a recording of the webinar on demand

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ALTA’s Best Practices have been updated, and it’s time for everyone to review their own agency’s materials. Join Cathy Ceci, Senior Agency Audit Director, and Elizabeth Reilly, Chief Privacy Officer as they review the changes to Pillars 2 and 3 respectively.  Linda Grahovec, FNF's National Director of Education will also review the Best Practices Portfolio Builder materials that have been created to assist you in building your agencies Best Practices Manual. 

The other Best Practices Pillars will be available in a dedicated track on the National Agency LEAD Venue.

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How do you select vendors and what solutions are out there for your title agency? 

Rick Diamond, VP, Agency Technology, will review strategies to aid your title agency in thinking about and selecting vendors who can help you take your agency to the next level.  Rick will also review the FNF Solution Partners list because the FNF Family of Companies has vetted technology partners to help you achieve your goals. 

We have taken that hard work of identifying and vetting technologies and have the cutting edge and quality tools to highlight what is relevant.

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Risk Management is central to the every-day operation of a title agency.  From prevention to process or from continuity to recovery,  it can become overwhelming to manage.  

Linda Grahovec hosts Michael Pyle, SVP, Senior Risk Executive of the FNF Family of Companies in the FNF Studio where he will define and review the fundamentals of risk management, examine our biggest threats, and provide you with basic to-dos and essentials.  

This will help you navigate what must be done to secure your title agency and customer’s funds and data.

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Today's market has everyone investigating new revenue streams or thinking about ways to obtain more business from existing clients. Holly Bunting, Partner at Mayer Brown, will review RESPA compliance issues title agents need to consider every time they are considering new opportunities.  

New opportunities are great, but only if done in a compliant manner. 

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Adapting to the peaks and valleys of the market is never easy.  It can be interest rate fluctuations, weather and climate shifts or changes in sales and marketing staff.  What does developing a marketing strategy really mean?  How can you reach the customers you want?  How does social media fit into your business strategy?  What "ducks" need to be in a row, for your different audience focus?  

Join Linda Grahovec for an enlightening and useful conversation!

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The economy has this industry’s attention as we navigate our experiences in the past and what to expect in the future.  Andy Walden from Black Knight will explore what is going on today, resources to use in the future, and what you should think about as you read the economic data.  We will then dig into how you should be thinking about your title agency’s metrics in these changing times to help you identify what needs to be done to help you perform better than the market.  

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HR for the NAW


Human Resources is more than laws and regulations detailing the relationship between an employer and employee.  Melissa Circelli, Chief Human Resources Officer at FNF will discuss how you can use the prescriptive rules of the Civil Treatment Leaders program to think about how you approach your title agency’s unique human resources issues.  

She will also use this framework to discuss one of today’s hot topics, managing a remote workforce.

Presented by: Melissa Circelli, FNF, Chief Human Resources

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Jason Nadeau will provide updates on:

  • Digital Payments and the current best practices
  • ACH, inbound and outbound safety and security
  • The 3 Payment Rails explained and their distinctions
  • The difference between RTP’s and RTP® The ClearingHouse
  • What is FedNow, what you need to know and how to use it 

Join Linda Grahovec in a timely discussion with Jason Nadeau that coincides with the arrival of FedNow and what this will mean for ACH. The FedNow Service is a new instant payment infrastructure developed by the Federal Reserve that allows financial institutions of every size across the U.S. to provide safe and efficient instant payment services. A don’t miss for any settlement services provider, closers, company and branches, management and leadership.

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